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M.V.Hospital for Diabetes, Royapuram, Chennai Photo Gallery 2019

13 & 14 November 2022

The M.V. Hospital for Diabetes, Royapuram Chennai created a record in India by Blue lighting of all major landmarks in Chennai to mark World Diabetes Day to create awareness of Diabetes.
In 2022 the Garden in Parry's Corner the commercial hub in Chennai was lit blue.
Diabetes is a disorder which can be prevented (Primary Prevention of Diabetes).

12 November 2022

On World Diabetes Day 2022 our focus was on Children with Type 1 Diabetes.
We offered them a free check up and taught them specific yoga exercises based on our research in Yoga.
We offer 360 degree care to children with Type 1 Diabetes.

27 October 2022

Dr. N. Murugan, Consultant Liver Specialist Chennai was honoured with the Prof. M. Viswanathan Honour Award on 27 October, 2022.
He talked about the importance of liver disease which occurs in people with Diabetes NAFLD [Non alcoholic Fatty liver disease]. This condition leads to fibrosis and finally liver failure.
We are happy to inform you that we have started a simple blood test in MV Hospital for Diabetes Royapuram to detect fibrosis in the liver.

August 2022

M. V. Hospital for Diabetes was awarded the Times Health Care Achievers Award 2022 on August 27, 2022.
Dr. Vijay Viswanathan, The Head and Chief Diabetologist received the Award from the Minister for Health and Family Welfare Govt of Tamil Nadu Thiru. Ma Subramaniam.

09 June 2022

On 09 June 2022, Dr. Asha Fredrick was honoured with Prof. M Viswanathan honour award at M V Hospital for Diabetes & Prof. M Viswanathan Diabetes Research Centre, Royapuram Chennai.
Dr Asha Fredrick highlighted the various measures being taken by the Govt for TB elimination by the year 2025.
Dr Vijay Viswanathan spoke on the RePORT India study funded by the Govt of India and Govt of USA where Prof M Viswanathan Diabetes Research Centre is a partner. The study found that people with TB have prolonged inflammation when they also have diabetes.

19 & 20 March 2022

Prof. M Viswanathan Diabetes & Diabetic Foot Update 2022 organized by M V Hospital for Diabetes & Prof. M Viswanathan Diabetes Research Centre held in Ramada Plaza by Wyndham on 19 & 20 March 2022. Several delegates participated in this event.
Launch of "Mind Well Being Clinic" in the M V Hospital For Diabetes, Royapuram, Chennai. Dr. Jayashreee Gopal (Associate Dean, Prof. MV DRC), Dr. Vijay Viswanathan (Head & Chief Diabetologist MV Hospital for Diabetes, President D-Foot International), Justice C V Karthikeyan (Judge Madras High Court), Dr. S. N. Narasingan (Associate Dean, Prof. MV DRC) and Dr. Vandana Gopikumar (Co-Founder The Banyan & The Banyan Academy of Leadership in Mental Health) (L to R) (19 March 2022).
36th Edition of Prof. M Viswanathan Gold Medal Oration Award (Citation & Gold Medal) was presented to Dr. Vandana Gopikumar (Co-Founder The Banyan & The Banyan Academy of Leadership in Mental Health). Also seen, Dr. Vijay Viswanathan, Dr. Jayashree Gopal, Justice C V Karthikeyan & Dr. S. N. Narasingan (19 March 2022).
Dr. Manoj S. Chawla, Director & Consultant Diabetologist, Lina Diabetes Care & Mumbai Diabetes Research Centre being presented with Ponnadai and Prof. M Viswanathan Honour Award - 2022. Also seen, Dr. Vijay Viswanathan, Dr. Jayashree Gopal & Dr. S. N. Narasingan (19 March 2022).

08 January 2022

Dr. Vijay Viswanathan, MD PhD FRCP, our Head and Chief Diabetologist was selected by 3 International jury for the Outstanding Researcher Award 2022 from the World India Diabetes Foundation (WIDF).
The WIDF is based in Mayo Clinic Rochester USA. The Award consists of a Cash prize, a plaque and delivering a lecture.

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